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NIKONOS-RS Lenses 13mm 50mm 28mm
Nikon F90X Lenses 105mmMicro with NEXUSF90
Canon AutoBoy A-50(Water Proof)
Canon Pwer Shot S10(Digital Camera)
Panasonic NV-DJ100(Digital Video)
SB105 x2

Name : enzo
Ocupation : Systems Engineer
Born in : Yokosuka Japan
Live in : Zama City
Favorite :
Sucuba Diving , Taking Photo , Swim with Dolphin , Opera Concert , Bach , Wagner...etc
Favorite Dive Site :
Izu Osezaki , Izu Ohshima , Kume Island , Sipadan , Palau

It is more important that you can do something for the nature than to get something from the nature.
However I love Dolphin and Whale, I can't agree that "the fox hunt is sports, but the whaling is a crime ".
But of course I agree to stop whaling.

PC : Gateway G6-450

RAM 1500MB , DVD Drive , MO Drive , VRAM 64MB

Tablet : WACOM GD-0608
CD-R : Plextor RW4/2/20
Video Editor : DVStormII
Macromedia FireworksMX0J
Macromedia DreamweaverMX

Grass roots Movement
Silent Network
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